Walsh Park Ferry Building Project

Walsh Park is pleased to announce the project to convert the second floor of the Ferry Freight Building to residential use (2 two-bedroom units & 4 one-bedroom units). Ideally, construction will begin in late 2018 with an estimated completion date of late 2019.

This project will be a major step forward in the Island’s efforts to address its housing shortfall and revitalize the Ferry District area on the West End. The current backlog of applicants makes us confident that the new units will be filled quickly with high quality additions to the Fishers Island community.

The FI Ferry District will lease the second floor of the freight building to Walsh Park under a long-term bargain lease with renewal options. Walsh Park will incur all costs of construction and future maintenance. Walsh Park will operate the property as affordable rental units available to full-time residents of Fishers Island.

Estimated cost is between $2.5 and $3 million. The project is being value-engineered and a fixed price contract will be approved prior to the commencement of construction. Walsh Park will endeavor to raise $3 million in a capital campaign, all of which will be earmarked for the project. Tod Williams & Billie Tsien have offered their services to Walsh Park on a pro bono basis. BD Remodeling & Restoration was selected after a competitive bidding process.

For more information, please download project plans:

Ferry Building Project Plans