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Walsh Park properties are only made available to year-round residents of the Island who are active contributing members of the community.

Please provide the following information if you would like to apply for for Walsh Park housing.

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Please send at least two character reference letters to:
Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation
P. O. Box 684
Fishers Island, NY 06390

Digital copies may be e-mailed to:

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Applications that are received go through a formal review process.


Applicants undgo an interview following the application submission


Feedack is solicited from the community.

If approved, an applicant is eligible to purchase – or rent – a Walsh Park owned home on a subsidized basis.

Walsh Park always retains ownership of the land. The house may only be resold at a formula price to others who have been approved as prospective owners by Walsh Park. This mechanism allows a year-round resident to enjoy the benefits of home ownership, but also insures the ongoing presence of reasonably priced housing available exclusively to the year-round population. This approach is successful and has since been copied by other island communities.