Frank W. Burr, 1937- 2020, a long-time resident of Fishers Island served his country as a Marine, his community as a leader and philanthropist, his family as its foundation, and God as His faithful servant.

While undeniably successful in his career on Wall Street, Burr is best remembered for his community service and his steadfast and generous commitment to improving the communities in which he lived.

Perhaps his greatest achievement, and the one of which he was most proud, was helping to establish the Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation which provides affordable housing to year-round residents on Fishers Island.

"Frank will always be the very vibrant and gracious person I remember back in the days – taking us to soccer camp or gathering for a block party or just hanging around home."

~ Dee (Weiss) & Jeff Bulick and John Weiss

Family always came first for Frank and his children recall him as an involved father who would slip away from his other obligations to suddenly appear on the sidelines, in the stands, or in the front row in enthusiastic support of their endeavors. Although ravaged by Alzheimer’s, Frank was always able to maintain a twinkle in his eye and an authentic smile for his family.

Frank spent countless hours dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of Fishers Island as a board member and Chairman of the Fishers Island Development Corporation where he was a visionary proponent for – and instrumental in – the construction of the bicycle/pedestrian path.

Honor Frank's legacy

Your gift to Walsh Park will support his goal to provide affordable housing to year-round residents on Fishers Island and help sustain our community.