Year-round community.

We offer attractive year-round housing on Fishers Island.

Our services

Walsh Park creates and maintains affordable living units on Fishers Island for year-round residents, who are active contributing members of the community.



About Walsh Park

Walsh Park is currently managed by a board of both seasonal and year-round residents dedicated to the Fishers Island community.



35 Living Units

One third of our living units on Fishers Island are owner-occupied with the balance being rental units.



Walsh Park Residents

Our residents help sustain vital services and are committed to supporting the Fishers Island community.

Walsh Park Projects

Although tremendous strides have been made the year-round population of Fishers Island is still very much at risk.

Fishers Island School Project

Walsh Park’s current project is a partnership with the School District for the development of property currently owned by the School to build four year-round housing units on the residential block bordered by Whistler Ave., Equestrian Ave., and Winthrop Drive.

Please help support our mission by making a contribution to the Frank W. Burr Memorial Fund

Apply for Housing

Together we can help to maintain a vibrant community on Fishers Island.

Application Submission

Walsh Park accepts applications for housing and conducts interviews with applicants.

Review Process

Applicants go through a formal review process and feedback is solicited from the community.


If approved, an applicant is eligible to purchase or rent a Walsh Park owned home on a subsidized basis.


Walsh Park Projects

Winthrop Drive Housing

Project Winthrop Drive Housing This project to purchase and develop the FI School property is in the planning stages. Walsh…

Ferry Freight Building #209

Project Ferry Freight Building #209 This Walsh Park joint-project with the Ferry District began in 2017. Tod Williams and Billie…

Peters Way

1987 project to purchase a 24 acre parcel of land near North Hill and construct the original 12 free standing…

Walsh Park Residents By The Numbers

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Together we can help to maintain a vibrant community on Fishers Island.