Ferry Freight Building #209


Ferry Freight Building #209

This Walsh Park joint-project with the Ferry District began in 2017. Tod Williams and Billie Tsien were the architects and BD Remodeling & Restoration performed the physical transformation of the 2nd floor space which was completed in the fall of 2020.


Planning & Design

After much planning with architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, it was decided that the apartments will all face north to Connecticut from a common hallway on the south side of the building’s 2nd floor. Accessible by elevator and stairs, the plans take advantage of existing window openings and original building ceiling bracing which will most likely be left exposed wherever possible.

Demolition & Construction

The roof was replaced including updates to the gutters and new drain pipes. Interior walls, flooring and stairs were removed along with boiler. Framing, new walls and skylights were added - along with new elevator, water heaters. Painting and finishing touches of hardwood floors, tile, cabinets and appliances were added.

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